The safest, fastest, easiest way to make online payments is paypal (

If you wish to use this payment option simply choose paypal during the 'checkout process'. You can use your paypal account to make a payment or pay using your credit card (no paypal account required) Paypal is the no.1 payment choice worldwide for internet shoppers and is the main payment option for millions of shoppers and big companies such as EBAY & AMAZON.


Send payment INSTANTLY online with paypal - No more queing up in banks or going to money sending kiosks. With paypal you can simply have one account which you can use for all of your online shopping. The great thing with paypal is that you dont need to send your payment information to each seperate retailer, when you use your paypal account to make an online payment the retailer never receives your payment information (such as your credit card details).


Faster Dispatching - Because online shops such as Baby Outlet receives the payment instantly when you use paypal it means we can also send out your order faster.


Secure payments - The main reason paypal is so popular is because you never actually give out your credit card details to online shops when you use paypal. Instead you simply send your payment using your paypal account email address, NOT your card details, this means sellers NEVER even see your credit card details so you never have to give third party companies your credit card details ever agan.


On top of that, paypal also protects buyers from bad sellers with a payment protection policy. You can use paypal to make a payment using your credit card without signing up OR you can sign up for a paypal account.